Adi Model 221 Diver Review

November 14, 2008

On a Modena rubber diver strap

The subject of this review, the Adi Model 221 is another one of the company’s watches that is marketed to the Israeli armed forces. (For those of you who feel like poking around in Adi’s website, model numbers 220 through 229 are purchased by the ministry of defense according to a company representative.) This one came to me by way of Israeli Products.Com. One detail to note if you are considering one of these is that the dial’s logo print has changed from the image on the seller’s website. The word “Adi” is now in a script font as opposed to the block letters in the website image. I like both styles so it doesn’t really matter to me.

This Adi measures 42 mm in width (not including the crown), 13 mm in height, 43 mm lug to lug and uses a 22mm band lug width. Unlike the previously reviewed Adi IDF watch, the lugs on this model are conventionally designed and switching bands is quite easy. They are also quite short in length and make the watch wear smaller than it actually measures. The watch shipped with a rubber diver’s band that has a wind velocity chart printed on it. (In some of the shots above, the watch is pictured with an aftermarket Maratac nylon military style band. I think it looks quite good.) The Model 221 is quartz driven by an otherwise unremarkable Miyota movement that can be hacked if that is important to you. The movement also includes day and date functions. Water resistance is rated at 200 meters which is more than sufficient. Interestingly, the 200 meter water resistance rating is achieved without using a screw-down crown. The lume on this diver is really very good. I would put it on the level of a Citizen automatic diver if you are familiar with them. It apparently uses superluminova paint that was both bright and long lasting in the dark. The crystal is mineral glass set flush with the bezel. Lastly, the bezel is a counter-rotating design with a very firm action.

Visually, the Model 221 has a sort of shrouded case style, that looks a bit like a Seiko Tuna can diver, albeit on a much smaller scale. The watch wears quite comfortably thanks to the short lugs. Accuracy, as is to be expected with a quartz watch, is excellent.

All in all, the Model 221 is an interesting military watch that would make for a good daily wearer/sports watch and should last a long time. It is apparently well made and its high water resistance should allow it to stand up to whatever most of us will encounter. At $85 from the previously mentioned vendor, it’s a good choice too in these budget conscious times.


6 Responses to “Adi Model 221 Diver Review”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Hey Ed,really interesting piece, heckuva nice watch for the price and with military provenance too.Dave

  2. Ed Says:

    Thanks. It is a pretty nice piece 🙂

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Interesting brand.Always a joy to read your reviews!Greetings JP

  4. Ed Says:

    Many thanks. Always fun to write too.

  5. Adam Says:

    Not sure if you still check this, but do you still have this one or the 224?

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